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SCUT Online Handwritten Chinese Character Testing Database (SCUT-onHCCTestDB)

Introduction of SCUT-onHCCTestDB

  SCUT-onHCCTestDB is an online handwritten Chinese character database. It contains five datasets that are simplified Chinese dataset (denoted as SimpleChar) in GB2312-80 standard, traditional Chinese dataset (denoted as TradChar) in Big5 standard, mixed simplified and traditional Chinese dataset (denoted as SimpTradChar), rarely-used Chinese character dataset (denoted as RarelyUsedChar), and symbol dataset (denoted as SymbolChar). Each of the above dataset includes 5 subsets (indexed from 1 to 5) respectively. It is worth mentioning that the SymbolChar dataset comprises uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, punctuation, common symbols, and so on.

  The SCUT-onHCCTestDB is publicly available for academic research usage. These dataset files are packed in ZIP format that you can download by clicking the links below.

       ※ onHCCTestDB-SimpleChar (23.5M) 

              onHCCTestDB-SimpleChar 1

              onHCCTestDB-SimpleChar 2

              onHCCTestDB-SimpleChar 3

              onHCCTestDB-SimpleChar 4

              onHCCTestDB-SimpleChar 5

       ※ onHCCTestDB-TradChar (24.8M) 

              onHCCTestDB-TradChar 1

              onHCCTestDB-TradChar 2

              onHCCTestDB-TradChar 3

              onHCCTestDB-TradChar 4

              onHCCTestDB-TradChar 5

       ※ onHCCTestDB-SimpTradChar (24.3M) 

              onHCCTestDB-SimpTradChar 1

              onHCCTestDB-SimpTradChar 2

              onHCCTestDB-SimpTradChar 3

              onHCCTestDB-SimpTradChar 4

              onHCCTestDB-SimpTradChar 5

       ※ onHCCTestDB-RarelyUsedChar (25.0M) 

              onHCCTestDB-RarelyUsedChar 1

              onHCCTestDB-RarelyUsedChar 2

              onHCCTestDB-RarelyUsedChar 3

              onHCCTestDB-RarelyUsedChar 4

              onHCCTestDB-RarelyUsedChar 5

       ※ onHCCTestDB-SymbolChar (4.5M) 

              onHCCTestDB-SymbolChar 1

              onHCCTestDB-SymbolChar 2

              onHCCTestDB-SymbolChar 3

              onHCCTestDB-SymbolChar 4

              onHCCTestDB-SymbolChar 5